Strategy Consultation 

  • Pragmatic solutions suited to medium-sized businesses for the strategic orientation of companies up to an annual turnover of € 500 million.
  • Strategic project management and operative implementation by means of AGENS (see below!)
  • Proven method in workshop sequences. Major advantage: although everyone is fully involved, there is a minimum of pressure on each individual.


Management system “Agens” for the comprehensive development of businesses and/or portfolios

  • Linking of strategic developments with the operative implementation, in other words conception and realization of the implementation (see above)
  • Best-in-class project management solution (core element of Agens)
  • Organization of the management processes
  • Integral personnel development instrument, can be adapted specifically to the client



  • Segment model for the comprehensive structuring and coordination of all activities in marketing and sales (planning, reporting, controlling)


Process Organization

  • Gets straight to the point faster than others using macro-process analysis: simple, credible and “management proof”!
  • Excel-based process design using micro-process design. Clearly structured, simple to develop, easy to maintain, certification proof!
  • Documentation as a basis for certification
  • Development and design of process landscapes in companies, covers all business functions
  • Principle: First the processes, then the organizational structure!


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